Tuesday, April 28, 2009


No one can holler like Arnold Schwartzenegger. Or so I thought until I tried to commit myself to lazyniess today and login to WoW. Tried being the operative word. I couldnt log in and erupted in a roar that would make Ahnuld cower for sure.

I guess they have been having billing issues with people's credit cards cancelling for no reason. Well that is me, and now it says my card is not a valid number. I just wanted to work on getting fat, on this, my first day off in over 3 weeks. (a week partying in New York does not count as a day off, I had to work hard at it)

Off I am to Walmart to get a gamecard. I hate Walmart. The high cost of low prices sickens me. That and the inevitable 3 year old I will see running around in a diaper, no parents to be seen, Kool-Aid stains around the mouth, rocking a mullet and carrying a baby bottle full of diet coke.
At least I am going home tomorrow and off to Vancouver this weekend to shop for a new truck. (read:get wasted in Vancouver-- I'm not an alcoholic, they go to meetings and I don't have time for that shit.)

As bad as Walmart is I'd rather get dressed and go there than wait an hour on the phone for Blizzard. I tried calling them already and it was not a winning call. Mazes of recordings and robotic queue time readings.

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