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Macros - The only time that touching less is better

Incorporating macros into your arsenal can not only vastly improve your gameplay, but also puts alot of aspects of the game on easy mode.I'm a lazy fuck, so naturally having to do less key pressing while doing more in game is something that appeals to me like a midget-hooker on a coke binge appeals to Jeremy Piven.

Since my computer sucks, especially during 25 man raids, I try and use macros as often as possible instead of an addon that bogs down my system, and kills my dudes.I'm going to share some of my favorite and most used macros, because you're gonna share your chips, pop and chocolate bar with me, right???? (aka the Trailer Park Dietary Trifecta)

I'll start with some non-shaman specific macros in hopes of luring you in with interest so you can see just how totally fucken awesome the shaman macros are too. Then you will feel jealous of Shamanses, naturally.

In all macros with trinkets, I use the name of the trinket rather than /use 13 or /use 14The reason for this is that I don't always have my trinkets in the same slots due to changing gear from swapping specs.

Location Coordinates - The next time you give someone a location and they cry like a little ninny because they havent got a location addon, you can end their snivelling by sharing this macro that spits out your zone location

/script SetMapToCurrentZone() local x,y=GetPlayerMapPosition("player") DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(format("%s, %s: %.1f, %.1f",GetZoneText(),GetSubZoneText(),x*100,y*100)

All in one Mounts- this lets you use one button for all mounts, it will put priority on your flying mount, but summon a ground mount if flying is not available. It will also dismount you if you are mounted

/script local m=GetZoneText() if (m=="Dalaran" or m=="Wintergrasp") and (GetSubZoneText()~="Krasus' Landing") then CallCompanion("MOUNT", 2);end
/use [flyable,nomounted] FLYINGMOUNTNAME; [nomounted] GROUNDMOUNTNAME

in "CallCompanion" change the "2" to the position of your preferred land mount in your mounts tab. Insert proper mount names where it says to.

Healing Macros; These will cast said heal in the following order of targets; 1) your mouseover target 2)your target 3) your target's target (great for topping up the tank if you are dps) 4) your self
it will also pop your healing trinkets if you have them equipped

/cast [target=mouseover,help,exists] [target=help,exists] [target=targettarget,help,exists] [target=player] Chain Heal
/useitem TrinketNameHere

simply remove "chain heal" and replace with HW or LHW or Riptide or whatever your healing spell is called. This also works for cleansing spells. This is the ultimate healing macro, it makes healing MUCH easier, and saves some resources by not needing to use an addon for mouseover healing. I combine mouseover macros with Pitbull unit frames and Dominos action bar addon and get pretty much every functionality of clique or grid.

Max Camera Distance; See more of whats going on around you!

/console cameradistancemaxfactor 1000

Shaman Macros

Dynamic Run Speed; This will mount you on your flying pet. If you are in a zone where flying is disabled it will put you on your ground mount. If you are in combat if will Ghost Wolf you. finally if you are mounted or shapeshifted, it will dismount you or return you to normal form.It is not compatible with Dalaran or Wintergrasp zones, unfortunately.

/cast [combat,nomounted][button:2][modifier] Ghost Wolf
/cast [nostance,nocombat,flyable] FLYINGMOUNTNAME
/cast [nostance,nocombat,noflyable] GROUNDMOUNTNAME
/dismount [mounted]

/cancelform [stance]

Instant Cast Crit Heal; This will cast a heal instantly that will also crit. It will target your mouseover first, then if no target it will go for your actual target. If you are attacking something, it will then heal your target's target. Finally it will heal you if no target is selected. It will also pop your healing trinkets.

#show Nature's Swiftness
/cast tidal force /cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [target=mouseover,help,exists] [target=help,exists] [target=targettarget,help,exists] [target=player] Healing Wave

Dynamic Purge; this macro will cast purge 1st on your mouseovered target, or your target, and finally, if neither of those exist, it will purge your target's target ( great for healers)

/cast [target=mouseover,harm,exists] [target=harm,exists] [target=targettarget,harm,exists] Purge

Dynamic Earth Shock ; I use this one as healing or Elemental. It will interrupt your mouseover target, if not then it will interrupt your target. Finally it will earth shock your target's target for if you are healing a tank for example

/cast [target=mouseover,harm,exists] [target=harm,exists] [target=targettarget,harm,exists] Earth Shock

Enhancement Shaman Macros featuring Enhancement Pride lettering

{Updated!} Boobies Macro

/run if not oldHasPetUI then oldHasPetUI = HasPetUI; HasPetUI = function() return true, false; end end PetTab_Update() ToggleCharacter("PetPaperDollFrame")
/console cameradistancemaxfactor 1000
/run UIErrorsFrame:Hide();

This one will show you a pet tab under the character screen. Useful for checking the stats on the spirit wolves, since they scale with a shaman's stats. Also allows you to zoom camera back another 15 yards and blocks WoW error message spam. So Awesome!!

Stormstrike Macro: this one will make you start attacking, it will use your AP trinket(s), in this case my Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood. The best part though is that is will cast Stormstrike, or use Lava Lash when Stormstrike is on cooldown.

/castsequence reset=8 Stormstrike, Lava Lash

/use Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood

Dynamic Interrupts; This one will cast earth shock or use bash (3sec stun from feral pets) to interrupt casting IF earthshock is on cooldown. It also pops your trinket as you want trinkets up as much as possible ( I remove the trinket line for PVP)

/castsequence reset=6 Earth Shock, Bash
/use Sphere of Red Dragon's Blood

Free Movement/Feral Spirit; this one summons your pets and if you double hit the macro it will pop spirit walk, giving a huge runspeed boost and freeing the shaman from all movement impairing effects. I use stopcasting lines in case I was casting a hex or a heal and need to remove a runspeed impairment asap.

/cast Feral Spirit
/cast Spirit Walk

So there you have it, sexy time macros. Now you are ready to unleash some nerd code on the World of Warcrack!!

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