Friday, April 24, 2009

Hit Rating or: How I Learned To Stop Missing And DPS

Please welsome my first ever guest poster, Dr. Steve Brule, to inform us on hit rating.

I'm Steve Brule
Did you know that hit rating is pretty much the top dps stat for ALL dps classes until you hit your cap? If you don't like beating up on your bad guy, then do what I do, Kill Em With Kindness , dummy!

Another technique you can use is to hit them every time you cast or swing your weapon. Here's the hit caps for all of the classes so you can know how to hit them?

Physical Hit is 32.79 for 1%, Spell Hit is 26.23 for 1%

For all classes, take 1%, or 33 / 26 hit off your hit cap requirement if you are Draenei.

Casters ;this means Mages, Warlocks, Shamanses, Oomkins, and Shadowy Priests.
You need 17% hit, or 447 hit rating to never miss with your spells. This varies with by class because of hit talents and debuffs.
Oomkin, 263 hit 10%
ShadPriest 280 11%
Mage 447 17% Ice Mage 368 14%
Shaman 420 16%( 447 cap for horde) / 331 13% for Elemental Shaman (368 for Horde)
Warlock 368 14% Demonology 447 17%

Hunter 263 8% Marksman 197 6%

Deathknight 263 - 8% Dual wield - Dont dual wield, Sure you Can do it but it's like wearing a bowlers hat in public. Nobody wears a bowlers hat, welcome to the 90's!!
Kitty Cat Druid 263 8%
Paladin 263 8%
Warrior 296 9% (cap your yellow damage) Titan's Grip 368 14%
Rogues --input needed, its changing at the moment --cap your poisons, about 320 hit.. WHo cares about rogues anyways. [Edit-the verdict is in, it's 315hit cap]

Except for Melee classes, where Expertise is equally important (Get 26 expertise) Capping your hit is point for point the top dps increase you can get. With 0 hit rating, adding 27 hit, or reducing your chance to miss by 1% can yield up to a 1.2% increase in your total damage output. Thats way way WAAAYY more than any of your other dps stats can give you Turkey!!

Another thing you can do if you dont believe me about hit rating is check this out. Next time you get attacked by a crazy raper, just play possum!

I'm Steve Brule, Last Resort!!!

Thanks Steve,
I just wanted to add that the hit ratings are not considering raid buffs which affect your hit chance. Hit debuffs do not stack. There is a chart below with info, not really sure why it's so far down there. Warm up yer mousewheel and Scroll Down!!

Class Talent Tree Hit chance Notes
Druid Balance of Power Balance, Tier 6 + 2% per point, 4% max All spells

Druid Improved Faerie Fire Balance, Tier 7 + 1% per point, 3% max Target debuff*
Death Knight Virulence Unholy, Tier 1 + 1% per point, 3% max All spells

Mage Precision Frost, Tier 2 + 1% per point, 3% max All spells
Mage Arcane Focus Arcane, Tier 1 + 1% per point, 3% max Arcane spells only

Priest Misery Shadow, Tier 8 + 1% per point, 3% max Target debuff*
Priest Shadow Focus Shadow, Tier 2 + 1% per point, 3% max Shadow spells only

Shaman Elemental Precision Elemental, Tier 6 + 1% per point, 3% max Fire, Frost, and Nature spells
Warlock Suppression Affliction, Tier 1 + 1% per point, 3% max All spells

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