Saturday, April 25, 2009

Heroic Naxx Tenants Evicted

After several wipes, the Kel'Thuzad make-over went down like a frat girl with her own supply of roofies. It was awesome to finally get him to cooperate, we made him our bitch and named her Suzy.

What can I say other than that I really love this fight as an enhancement shaman, our utility is unsurpassable. I didnt have much of a chance at topping the dps charts because I was saving my maelstrom5 charges for insta-chain heals on the iceblocks, saved earthshock to interrupt frostbolt and was turning mind-controlled people into froggies. I still managed to pump out respectable DPS too, but can't wait for a new computer. Running at 8fps is no fun when you have to react instead of just execute. Still though, when we beat him I was 2nd on interrupts, #1 on first heal on iceblocks (11 saves!) and landed about half a dozen hexes.
The first couple of attempts went poorly when the adds popped in phase 3, and we had issues with poorly placed melee. Some were not always making sure to be at max melee range, shrinking the 10yard box for the others. A couple of the attempts I barely got a shot in from staying back, not wanting to bunch with 3 other melee and not wanting to iceblock our tank --- although he still got iceblocked twice over the evening. Not trying to blame the other melee, I was guilty of poor placement early on too, but then I pulled my socks up on the last couple attempts, and ended up losing some focus trying to direct the other melee. Our winning attempt we got lucky because overall the melee were quite sloppy again.Things to learn from but really I can't complain since we finally layed a whuppins on KT.

I got the weapon I'd been drooling about too, only to find it looks like a pink glowing pinwheel, a common children's toy. This is not a complaint, I LOVE IT. It goes very well with my man-dress, although doesnt look quite as cool as dual wielding the Angry Dread, mace of the middle-finger salute. At least I still have Angry Dread in the offhand to show my FuckYOU to the bosses of Ulduar.


  1. BWAHAHAHHAhahahahaaa....

    The pinwheel DOES go with your pretty dress =D

  2. and you primitive screwheads had to do it while I was on vacation!!!

    Had to start a lock-blog. Seems like all the cool kids are doing it.

  3. lol yeah weap is a nice addition to your dress :P
    lol I have a web log at blogspot too that if I finally decided to dust it off and use it once in a while.


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