Thursday, April 23, 2009

3.1 impressions- My head pretty much asploded

I love the patch, hence my homage to asploding heads as I launch my first foray into web logging. (I fucking hate the word 'blog', and stay off my damn lawn !!)
Don't worry though, I am not some head asploding fanatic, and truly hope to never experience an exploding head.

I had just returned from a week of partying in Manhattan, I could not wait to check out the game additions this past Tuesday, a full week behind the rest of the world.
Having unleashed my sinful and debaucherous ways with a guild member while in NYC, I got to hear that a) they finally did 3.1 and, b) it fucking represents.

The best part so far is Never, Ever running out of mana. Only other real noticeable diference is doing alot more dps. (just like everyone else though) Other than that there are no discernable differences.

If not for lack of priests last night we would have steamrolled Naxx. And I think it was the first time ever that we've saved military wing for last lol. Overall raid dps is up 20% on some fights, making bosses drop faster than a former catholic-school-girl's panties.

And lets not get started on dual spec. Finally I can come out of the closet as a healer whenever I want. /limpwrist

Lovely changes.

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