Friday, April 24, 2009

Loot, the root all evil.

Bitching about loot is the raiding guild's national past-time. Not to sound like I played uphill barefooted in the snow but being an experienced MMO player I've seen plenty of guild drama, and the majority comes from fighting over loot. That and fighting over who gets to be my best friend for the day.

Our guild has recently switched to a system called Suicide Kings. Aptly named because there is a list of raid members that bid on loot, and if you are the top positioned bidder, you win the loot, and "suicide" yourself to the bottom of the list. It's very nice and there is an addon that handles an ongoing list onto which we insert new raid members at the bottom. (people at the bottom still get loot quite regularily, and are not at the bottom for long anyways) It was working marvelously, and we would /roll on gear no one bid on for offsets, with a provision that your mainspec cannot roll on offset rolls ever, to avoid people not bidding and getting the loot with a roll and keeping their list position.

With dual spec, and only 3 nights of raiding Naxx25 to see the results, I can tell we are going to need a system to handle offset bidding, or allow people to use their bids on offset gear. Some people are already wanting to go offspec for gear because their main spec would gain only minor upgrades on their last few pieces of 10man gear.

On top of this source of drama, there was already the underlying gripes some people had with the suicide system in the first place. Issues like; Tanks and healers need the best gear so we can progress faster. Offset gear is useless to me because all my specs are dps. I miss all the minor upgrades saving my bid for the big gear. I miss out on big gear because I bid on every piece that is the slightest upgrade. This porridge is too hot. My chair is lumpy. It burns when I pee. My parents are disappointed in my choice of lifestyle. Waa paa pwa, and so on and so forth

Can you see the trend? Thankfully my guildmates are all adults and these issues are being handled peacefully and whatnot. It's better to hear everyone's concerns and ideas, at least we are dealing with issues instead of bottling them up for an explosion. It's really nowhere near as bad as it would be with a different group of people and I've seen it go south alot of times with lesser mortals.
I just hate having to discuss any of it in general. Every system of loot distribution is going to have downsides, and will always have people that dont like certain parts about it. I have no preference really, other than to choose rules which will minimize drama and maximize shutting up about loot rules.

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  1. I hate the loot bitching as much as you do, but I guess I brought a lot of the drama on myself when I took lootmaster.

    I honestly think, at this point, DKP would be easier on me. It definitely wouldn't be anywhere as fair as SK, but I wouldn't be taking nearly as many anti-depressants.


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