Monday, July 6, 2009

Minor update to my macros

I've updated the macros section to mention some lines I've added to a previous macro.

This one allows me to see my Spirit Wolves stats on the pet tab of the paperdoll screen, as well as letting me zoom my camera back an extra 15 yards. Finally, it prevents those annoying error messages from blocking my screen. I was getting tired of getting spammed with 'Spell not Ready' or 'Invalid Target' or 'Out of Range' or 'Delete Urself Noob'

Anyways, here she is-- the "Boobies Macro." Because boobies are awesome.

/run if not oldHasPetUI then oldHasPetUI = HasPetUI; HasPetUI = function() return true, false; end end PetTab_Update() ToggleCharacter("PetPaperDollFrame")
/console cameradistancemaxfactor 1000
/run UIErrorsFrame:Hide();

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  1. awesome blog :) some of your posts are so fricken hilarious, keep em comin!


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