Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happiness is good health and a bad memory.

Getting back to WoW after a month long hiatus has been nice. Trying to recall how things were in a fantasy land has been interesting, apparently you can drink memories away because I forgot alot of shit!!

It has been so nice to get back in touch with my guildmates, and to meet the new ones that have joined! Alot has happened in our guild, just before I left, our raid leader and main tank (Emfer) had to quit WoW indefinitely. Other people quit over needless self-created drama. Lots of good new people have joined!

As happy as I was to log in and chat with everyone, I was also sad logging off because Emfer is still gone. Emfer was a good dude, and usually the focus of my extremely perverse sense of humor, because he too is a perv and nothing I tried to insult him with could actually insult him.
He was also a seriously ass-kicking tank. One of my proudest WoW acheivements is the Champion of the Naaru title. I had tried Shattered Halls a few times to get this title finished, and always there was failure, or even sometimes I wouldnt get in a group because I'm not a mage and you need 3 mages for CC in SH (*cough*BULLSHIT*cough*)

Long story short it was one of the easiest heroic runs ever with Emfer. He held aggro on every mob, even all 8 in the 8 pull. Not only was I very impressed, I was also so disappointed in all other tanks for being such complete pussies.

I dug up any screenies I had to share, here they are.

Our first Auri kill and the night Emfer announced his retirement.
There's Matchstick and I gettin in there to sniff those panties.

Havin some beers around the campfire after Emfer's last raid

Me puking on Emfer's shoes one last time. LOL

A discussion about chat box addons

Busting on Emfer for requesting a paladin put up Frost resistance on Sarth.

I mentioned briefly in my last post that my account was hacked. i was racing to finish a webpage for my cousin (check it out, ) and in a hurry I downloaded something from an untrusted source. Finished the page then played WoW. WoW got gradually laggier and laggier, I went to reboot and was SOL for that as the virus had infected the master boot record.Luckily Blizz contacted me in the middle of that night via email to inform me my account was temp suspended, and compromised. I immediately changed all of my passwords from a secure computer at work as i had been online banking, credit card website, email, facebook..... None of this stuff was compromised before I changed the PWs leading me to wonder if it was a WoW virus and not a keylogger.

Anyways... I got all my crap back and then some, as the hacker used a bot program to farm ore and greens for hours in WG. I got 51 greens 5 stacks of Saronite and 1 stack of Titanium as surplus when my crap was returned.

The best part? The moron hacker logged onto my banker alt, vendored the items in mail from expired auctions, but forgot to check the AH for what I had up for sale and also FORGOT TO TAKE THE GOLD OFF MY BANKER. HAHAHAHA LOL what a fucking moron......

I leave you know with a couple screenies I found too of how I treat gold sellers. Gold sellers are the people that stole my account to acquire my gold to sell to an idiot that is too dumb and lazy to get rich on the AH.

Peace Out!

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  1. Start posting again! I need new stuff to read! LOL Seriously you should start blogging again :D


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