Thursday, August 13, 2009

New totems aren't so bad after all

Well it seems I was a little pre-emptive in judging the utility of the new totem bar. I had updated all of my addons and hadn't realized that Dominos had incorporated a totem bar with the new format, and I now blame Dominos for making it suck.

Regardless, shortly after making my first "new totems" post yesterday I read on plusheal that a beta version of Totem Timers was functional with the new totem UI. Yay!!!

It works great, and has some improvements to the weapon imbue timer/cast thingy. I'll post a screenie when I get home from werk.

You can click-drag totems from TT the same way the spellbook works, but this is wholly unnecessary as it's super easy to make totem sets. Right click the "Call" you want and the according totems come up. Right click a totem of a particular school to set it to the "Call" that was selected.

Get TT beta and you will be lovin it like JT when he sold out to McDicks!!

Mmmmm, McTotems....

p.s. Thanks to Ruune from and an anonymous commentor for mentioning that the default Totem UI is working for them. Had i not serendipitously figured it out myself last night, I may not have known otherwise except for you 2, so thank you! :)

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