Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Daedalus Project

Whilst reminiscing about Everquest, I've been looking up all the excellent webpages I had frequented years ago, before taking an MMO break and forgetting most of them. Well browsing has jogged my memory and I'd like to share a web project I was actively participating in during my tenure with Everquest. (I make it sound like a job, and it almost was!)

Anyways, it a shit load of demographic research of MMO players that was mostly centered on Everquest, as it was the most popular MMO

Check it out! It's still very very pertinent information to WoW!

or for a more basic intro to the site try

And grats me on 2 posts in a day! Maybe I'll atone for my slacking off last month and gain some readers lolololol

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