Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ulduar, at last

Not gonna lie, I'm pretty much lazier than furniture. I apologize for the slow updates but I've been busy at work this week (read: I've watched 36 hours of Prison Break since last Saturday, while getting paid, I love my job)

I'm starting 3 weeks vacation tomorrow so I'll find time to finish the gems faqts, a long with as many alcoholic beverages I can find. I'm gonna party hard enough to make Robert Downey Jr.'s habits look like a brace-faced sophomore cheerleader giggly on Zima.

In WoW related issues, our guild is finally moving into Ulduar, we probed around on 10 man lately to learn some strats and take them to 25 man. (yay heroic flame leviathan down)I haven't been on much to participate, except for the other night when logged in and got asked to help down Ignis (yay guild first)

I like the fight, we steam rolled him by tanking him in the water and just blasted away. I died to a slag-pot and reincarnated (found out after I could have healed myself lol) so that's why my total dmg output is 3rd but my dps is numero uno. I'm not gonna lie, I like being #1 dps. After killing the boss, it is my goal. I'm competitive with guildmates, but I still do everything I can to help them up their dps too, be it gear/talent advice, or passing on gear someone else may need more. If every dps vies for top slot, the whole raid benefits, as long as no one is being stupid about it. I'm not gonna pull up my flametongue totem at the detriment of the raid just so my personal dps goes up by using magma totem.
just after the fight: note the cooldowns on reincarnate and weapon buffs.
We took under 7 mins and I died/reincarnated under 3 minutes ago. and Woot! 4.1k dps

In other news, I've tried the argent tournament thingy, and I hate it. It sucks. It's not hard and it requires no skill or strategy.I've dug out a pic of the double middle finger Angry Dread's (from before I got the pink pinwheel.)

So here's to you Argent Tournament

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